Fiona Morgan

Journalist | Researcher | Consultant

Learning from North Carolina: Exploring the News and Information Ecosystem

Democracy Fund believes that the future of local news will be built as a diverse ecosystem of organizations and networks that inform and engage the public. To better understand that ecosystem, the philanthropic foundation commissioned a series of reports from regions around the country to better understand the complex forces shaping local news ecosystems from North Carolina to New Mexico.

This report maps out the strengths and challenges facing North Carolina as the landscape of local news continues to shift due to economic and technological change. Researched and written by Fiona Morgan, with Melanie Sill contributing significant insights and feedback, the report seeks to map out key contours of the news ecosystem in North Carolina. Although the report’s initial purpose was to inform our investments in local news, Democracy Fund made its findings available to the public to help serve the field and welcome further feedback that will inevitably add new layers and richness to our understanding of the field.