Fiona Morgan

Journalist | Researcher | Consultant

Scholarship and policy research

Here is a sampling of published and public-facing research I’ve done in various roles as a consultant, research fellow and associate in research.

“Poor Information: How Economics Affects the Information Lives of Low-Income Individuals,” International Journal of Communication 12 (2018), 2832-2850.

“Learning from North Carolina: Exploring the News and Information Ecosystem,” research report commissioned by Democracy Fund, December 2017.

With James T. Hamilton, “Bridging the Content Gap in Low-Income Communities,” chapter in The Communications Crisis in America And How to Fix Itedited by Mark Lloyd and Lewis A. Friedland, Palgrave, 2016.

“The Stories Not Told: A Case Study of the Information Needs of Siler City, North Carolina,” I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society, Vol. 83, 2013.

“An Information Community Case Study: The Research Triangle, N.C.,” policy paper for the New America Foundation, April 2011.